20th December 2017

2018 – How to grow your business for the new year with Season


A new year a new start. Grow your profits in 2018 with a Season System.

January is always a popular time to review your processes and plan for the year ahead. If your business is ready for a software system designed specifically for the Food Industry with a proven track record for growing profits now is the time to get in touch with the experts.

Benefits of implementing a Season System in your business

Remove Paperwork – Season provides a seamless, paperless link throughout your business, managing orders, HACCP and QC. All your stocks and traceability work in real time

Identify Customers and Products at Risk – Use order history, graphical analysis, audit trails and in-depth performance reports to identify where you make and lose money.

Reduce Credits – Ensure your customers get exactly what they want at the price they agreed. We have a proven track record for reducing credits.

Accurate Labelling – From allergens to traceability, stock to retail all your legal requirements are covered.

26 Years of Experience – Making change can be difficult with Datos and the Season system you get a company and service with 26 years of experience serving the Food Industry. We have over 100 sites across the UK and Ireland whom we work with to consistently evolve the system for your future.


One System, One Solution – Season will manage all of your processes, sales, purchases, pricing, stock control, traceability, online ordering, van sales and delivery plus much more. No more maintaining multiple disjointed systems get all the answers at your finger tips with the one user friendly interface.

What our customers say

Graham Dolman, Owner Q- Mover Birmingham

“My credits have virtually disappeared since we started using Season.”

 Damian, Intake Manager at Heaney Meats Galway on Season Unique labels

“We save 3 hours a day as previously trace information was entered manually and product was relabelled as it moved through the business now we can complete all these processes with one scan of a pallet, box or product label.”

Mark Cooper, M.D. Cooper Foods Ltd, Andover

Since we implemented Season in 2014 we found it enabled us to increase our margins by 1.5%”

John Gardiner, M.D. J & M Provisions, Gloucester

“Season has reduced our credits by 75%”

Get 2018 off to the best possible start and give your business the best chance to grow. Get in touch today for a full demonstration. Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002.