27th March 2020

Appreciation for Key Workers

While we at Datos have the good fortune of being able to work remotely from our homes (thanks to both David & Colin) in order to maintain, upgrade & support Season Software for our loyal customers.

We are also fully aware that others do not have the same benefit during this Corona virus outbreak and to those Key Workers we offer our extreme gratitude to all of the following:

NHS workers

Producers & distributors of medications & equipment



Food & Supply Chain Workers

Delivery & Transport Drivers

Nursery workers, Teachers, Teaching Assistants & Social workers

Postal workers, Religious Staff, those managing the deceased, Justice System staff, Journalists providing public service announcements/ broadcasting.

Essential Government workers

Utility workers providing oil, gas, electricity, water & sewerage operations

Public Safety & National Security workers



These are uncertain times for us all right now and Key Workers are the amazing people keeping us safe, secure and providing everything we need in order to remain as protected as we possibly can be from this virus.

It is easy to show some of your appreciation by simply doing as they ask.

Remain indoors as much as possible in order to help them help us.


Thank you