29th January 2018

Are you ready for the Sugar Levy?


As of April 2018 a law that will tax high sugar content soft drinks will come into effect. Many producers are reformulating recipes to comply and avoid the tax however some blue-chip company products such as Coke will still be offering the classic recipe.

For products effected the extra cost will filter down the supply chain and needs to be managed if you’re to ensure you don’t lose out.

Price Management in Season

Season comes with a price control manager that allows you to easily create price books, set pricing promotions, map customers to their own price book, clean up legacy prices that are no longer relevant and much more.

Cost Prices

– Raw material costs and cost of manufactured products are automatically maintained by Season and our advanced Price Book Control Centre can easily identify changes to the cost of your products.

Selling Prices
– Profit margins can be set against price books and simple one-click tools allow you to update prices to maintain your margins.

– Email your new prices to your customer.

– Full audit trail of who changed prices/costs and one-click restore.

– Full promotional pricing with date start and end date.


Sales Orders
– See the profit per line and per order.

– See historical prices.

Sales Invoicing
– Check your invoices before dispatch, view your profit margin and amend if necessary.

Performance Reports
– Check your profit exceptions daily, weekly etc.
– Compare day on day or week on week your sales and profits.
– See who has stopped buying.

With 26 years’ experience working with businesses just like yours we have a complete, tried and tested price management facility. Bring reliability to your business in unreliable times with Season.
Want a full rundown of how Season can manage your prices? Get in touch for a full demo send an enquiry sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call 028 38 362002.