26th September 2019

Brexit Part 2

After further analysis of Brexit requirements we have determined that there are two possible types of documentation required:

(a) A Single Administrative Document (SAD) and a  CMR  consignment note (Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par la Route) is required for products being shipped from Europe to the UK and vice versa.  These documents will be available within Season and can be printed with the normal Sales Invoice or Delivery Note documentation.  CMR documentation is pre-printed and numbered, so it will have to be sourced from HMRC.

(b) Transit documentation, if product is being shipped, for example from ROI to Europe via the UK then separate documentation will be required to record the movement of goods from the port of arrival to the port of shipping.  This is specialist documentation and the haulier in charge of the transit will prepare this documentation.

Within Season, all the necessary fields required to support the SAD and CMR have been identified and added to our development database and the SAD document has been created in DataFlex reports, so we are ready to go when Brexit happens.



We are expecting that electronic transfer of SAD and CMR documents to the port of shipping will be a requirement in the very near future, this will be via a Web service which is similar to the communication method for our fish landing system.

We will keep customers appraised of developments as and when we are advised by Customs and Excise.