26th October 2017

Build up to launch Season 17.2 Features Teaser – Coming Soon


As we build up to launch Season 17.2 we’ve put together this feature teaser to whet your appetite. Below are some of the latest features we’ve been working on to help streamline your business.

Production Requirements Tool

What it does

Season will calculate how much of each ingredient (both weight and/or quantity) is needed to create a recipe based on sales orders in the system.

For Companies who create products which go through multiple processes before becoming finished goods this tool will calculate what you need for each step. Puts an end to over / under production.

Can be filtered by order type. See what you need to create for immediate sales order, minimum stock levels, bulk orders etc.

Communicate with operators doing the production in real time. Have the relevant requirements appear in the relevant areas. Especially helpful if your producing takes place in multiple areas / departments.

Works seamlessly with stock control. Wil take into account current stock levels and show what you need to buy as well as produce.

Comes with a detailed Recipe Map. See on screen each step of the process from raw materials through all the process and finally into finished goods ready for sale. See weights, quantities, maximum and minimum tolerances etc.


Single Batch Traceability

A time saving features for those who are required to conduct single batch traceability. When doing jobs or picking orders in the Factory Season will auto pick the batch for you when only one batch is available. If there is more than one batch available you will have to choose however when one batch runs out Season will automatically select the next batch available. Improves effeceincy with less interaction with terminals required.

Trace Batch Labelling

Will allow you to create an in-house label with all of the Traceability information attached. Scan the label into production or sales order etc and carry over all the associated Trace information automatically. Will allow you to weigh in exactly what you need and update stock levels without having to reprint a label. Work at a level or Traceability and Stock Control that suits your business.

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