31st March 2017

Build up to launch Season 17


As we close in on the launch of the most comprehensive update on Season, Season 17 we’ve decided to go into some detail about some of the new additions.

New Security Features and Navigation

Season security protocols have been revamped for 17. You can choose which operators are required to input a password to get access to the system further-more the password and detail recovery process has been enhanced to ensure operators can still get the access they need. The quick sign off button has been relocated to the Season home screen for faster navigation.


Customisable Visuals

Season 17 will allow operators to change themes, Icon sizes, colouring, menu opening effects and more so you can tailor your Season experience to your liking. We have also updated the Office system with new icons and other visual enhancements.


We announced last month that Season 17 will be migrating to an SQL database. For benefits you can expect to gain click here for our SQL story.

Are you interested in implementing Season 17? Get in touch today for a full demonstration send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362002