27th May 2020

Business Life After Covid 19

With the entire world disrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic and companies having to completely quit production or suffer a decrease in demand while others have experienced the very opposite.

We have now reached a stage were the government have released their set phase plans to enable everyone to return to some sort of normal.

With the main focus for business owners being survival, recovery and an end goal of regaining normality as quick as possible. Nobody knows what the economic impact will be nor how long it will take to gain some sort of normality.

Whilst these processes will most certainly be at the forefront of their mind, they must not forget to prepare for the future & the uncertainty of what may lie ahead. Businesses must now assess their weaknesses and how they can fix them.

Some major weaknesses will lie within business processes that are essential for making effective critical decisions. Running various software or old slower systems will negatively impact & delay any business due to being overloaded with demand, in turn will not provide accurate real time visibility.

It may sound insensitive to say but now is the time more than ever to focus on gaining a competitive advantage, reducing costs, optimising productivity, sustainability & innovation in order to prepare for the future.

Nobody knows what the Government phases will bring or how it may affect businesses moving forward but if Covid 19 has taught us anything it is to be prepared.

The Technological Revolution may be embraced quicker than was originally anticipated with business owners now requesting to collaborate their systems in order to successfully navigate their way out of this crisis. Thus enabling them to become more resilient, robust & adaptable and better prepared for the future.

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