1st March 2019

Can we cater for your Kill Line Requirements?

New Feature – Hennessy Probe and Carcass Grading system.

For businesses with Kill Line requirements Season can now cater for carcass grading and tracking.

Working closely with long time Season client Green Pasture Meats (Longford) we have developed a system that seamlessly integrates with their Hennessy probe meaning operators need only probe the carcass and Season will grade it based upon the probe reading. When the carcass is then weighed Season will automatically allocate the correct weight to the correct grade of carcass based upon the reading on the probe. Green Pasture Meats now benefit from heightened accuracy, increased efficiency all while delivering accurate costing and performance.

Season is flexible and this new system can be tailored to various levels to cater for a variety of kill line requirements.

Get in touch today for your demo and find out if we can cater for your Kill Line Requirements.

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