J and M Provisions

J&M Provisions are a Food Wholesaler based in Gloucester, England. They currently use Season Office and Factory to run their business.

This short video produced in 2013, shows how Season operates in their company.

J & M Provisions was established in 1981 as a business to serve the butchery and delicatessen trades. They offer a range of fresh meats, sausages, frozen food, groceries, soft drinks, crisps, snacks and packaging, operating through a fleet of modern, fully refrigerated vehicles and deliver within an 80 mile radius of Gloucester. The company implemented Season Office and Factory in 2013 to streamline their processes.

With over 1500 products, J&M Provisions run an 11 user Season Office package. Telesales operators use the ‘Telesales Module’ which shows the call list for that particular operator on that day, ensuring that all customers receive a telephone call when requested. Orders are entered quickly and easy using the ‘Order Entry Program’. Once the orders have been entered, they are immediately available to view on the Season Factoryterminals.

J&M Provisions have 4 Season Factory Terminals – one in each of the areas; packaging, chilled goods, ambient and confectionary. When product arrives at the warehouse, the Purchase Orders are confirmed on the Factory terminal and the products are booked into ‘stock’. The operators can also choose how they wish the orders to be displayed for ease of use. e.g.
–  All products for all areas
–  Products for one particular area – for example the terminal in the packaging store can be filtered to only show the packaging products which are required
–  Products for one particular delivery day
–  Products for one particular van – for example if can number 2 must be the first van to leave, all the orders assigned to van 2 can be shown on the terminal.

This filtering ensure that the warehouse operators get the information they need in an easy to read format.

Previous to this, J&M Provisions used docket books and pick notes to communicate between the Office and Warehouse. Mistakes would have been quite common, caused by human handwriting, or pick notes that had vanished. These factory terminals help prevent such mistakes from occurring.

After the orders have been picked in the warehouse, they are confirmed on the Touch Panel PC, running Season Factory. Labels are printed which contain information such as the Customer Name, Address, Route Number and products on the order. The orders then appear back in the Office where the invoices are printed and exported to Sage using the very simple ‘Ledger Link’ where they are then posted.

John Gardiner MD of J&M Provisions states that, “Credits have reduced by around 70% by installing the Factory software. We haven’t changed the pickers, but they must find it easier with this new system as they are making less mistakes.”