J. Rastricks (1962) Ltd

J. Rastrick are based at St. James Market, Bradford and had been on the lookout for new technology to replace their manual docket books and make their business more efficient,.

Towards the end of 2010, Datos approached Graham at J. Rastricks with some new ideas about a computerised solution. This was based upon a wireless handheld PDA system running software developed by Datos called Season Mobile Factory.

Datos have extensive experience of the food market sector and some modifications, based on Graham’s knowledge and expertise, were agreed.

In July 2011, J. Rastrick began testing the new software. In September they went live with two handheld devices and noticed a dramatic difference to the efficiency of the business.

They now have an extremely fast and 100% accurate solution that provides all their business information.

Graham describes how Season Mobile Factory has helped his business:

“Invoices and orders are very easy to prepare, the software defaults to a cash sale customer, if I want a credit sale customer I just have to type part of the name. Products are easily added by keying in part of the description or I can simply scan a product bar code. I don’t have to worry about product codes.

Operationally, the system is fast and easy to use

If I do an order for later collection, I can print a pick note to help prepare it and then simply convert it to an invoice

Stock management is 100% accurate.

At point of payment I can see a mini statement of what the customer owes and enter discount if I want. The receipts are easily controlled and I can even email an invoice or a statement to a customer

The reports are also excellent and show me extensive analysis of my sales and profitability and of course I will save £1000’s on not having to buy invoice books.”

All in all, I have complete control of my business.

“No more writing out line after line and calculating totals and making mistakes, we are all human after all. The system will price the product and allow me to change it, if I want, receipts are easily reconciled and invoices are printed neatly on A5 paper so no more complaints about our hand writing.

Our financial accounts operate with no duplication of effort, stock control is so easy and accurate and I have a full audit trail of what happened so I know who did what and what.

If you would like to find out more about our Season Suite of Software, please contact sales@datos.co.uk