Morgans Fine Fish

Morgans Fine Fish are Fish Processors based in Omeath, Ireland. They currently use Season Office, Factoryand Road to run their business.

This short video produced in 2013, shows how Season runs in their company:

Established in 1890, Morgan’s Fine Fish are primary fish processors based in Omeath, Ireland. They have been a Datos client since 2009, running our first package ‘COMiT‘. Upgrading to Season Office along withFactory gave the company great improvements to their SOP and they discovered a dramatic increase in order entry speed.

Within the Season Factory software they noticed an immediate impact in efficiency; there were no more pick notes and they had instantaneous and live communication with their office, a unique aspect which many other systems fail to address.

In autumn of 2012, Morgans installed the third and final package – Season Road to their fleet of 8 vans to seamlessly link all aspects of the business.

Currently, the orders are entered into the Office system, then picked, prepared and confirmed on the Factoryterminals. Labels are printed for the individual boxes and an overall shipping label is also produced containing delivery details. The orders are then exported to the handheld device running Season Road.

Previously, Morgan’s printed Invoices on duplicate paper. When the order was delivered, one page was left with the customer, with the other being signed and returned to Head Office by the driver, where it was stored. If any changes had to be made to the order, they had to be manually recorded. With almost 200 orders per day, waiting for the invoices to print every morning was a costly and time consuming job. Invoices were often lost and in some cases drivers retained the wrong copy – all usual problems expected with human error.

When the driver arrives with a customer, they ask them to sign the Handheld Device. This proof of delivery signature is then stored in the system. The driver prints out the invoice (along with the signature embedded on it), using the portable printer and gives it to the customer.

The invoice confirmation can then either be sent back to the Office system by using GPRS or uploaded when the handheld is docked back at the depot. Once returned, the Invoices are ready to be posted to the customer’s account.

Brian McCullough, General Manager at Morgans states, “We believe that by using Season, we are faster, better and quicker than we ever were before. We have a highly accurate and reliable system.”