30th April 2018

Do we have the solution to YOUR problem? – Common industry issues solved by Season

Foodex 18 Recap – Top solutions for the industry

April saw us exhibit at Foodex 18 and in that time we had the privilege of meeting multiple people from various sectors of the Food Industry. From Meat to Fish, Bakery to Confectionery, Fruit & Veg to Ready Meals and Convenience and everything in between.

Each business approached us with various challenges some unique and others cropped up more than once. With that in mind we have put together the information below which is representative of some of the common industry challenges that businesses just like yours need a solution to. Have a read and maybe we have a solution for you to!

Traceability and Labelling

Season can manage ALL of your labelling requirements including allergen, retail, stock, shipping etc. Using Season Active X printing, labels are produced instantaneously increasing efficiency and removing the need for your dedicated labelling areas. Add 2d barcodes to your labels capable of storing up to 99 pieces of information without the need to increase your label size. Simply scan those labels to identify a batch of product, track its movements throughout the business (live stock control) and pass your traceability information through your processes with a simple scan! Read more about Season Trace and Labelling here

Spreadsheet Maintenance & the Paper Trail

Another common issue in the industry is the reliance on spreadsheets and pen and paper. Season is a complete front to back system that communicates in real time and is able to cater for ALL of your daily operations. Imagine if your spreadsheet for pricing, stock control, processing etc updated automatically as operators performed each task capturing the actuals as they are being completed. Season makes that a reality. Read more about how Season can remove paper and spreadsheets from your business here

I don’t know where I am making & losing a profit

Season comes with a plethora of business performance reports. See who has stopped buying from you, your best / worst performing customers / products, Trend Analysis, Gross Margin and more. Run your business by easily identifying the exceptions and making the changes necessary to bring your processes into line. Also comes with on screen yield analysis and a full Audit trail so you know exactly who did what, where, when and for how long!

I have multiple systems that “Don’t talk to each other”

Season is a complete business management system that has been developed along side the industry for the past 26 years. We have a solution that links your Office, Factory, Mobile & Online communicate with all areas of your business in real time and watch efficiencies soar, errors diminish and profits grow.

Computer literacy and language barriers

Season is designed with the industry in mind. Simplistic, user friendly interface means even those with a bare minimum grasp od computer literacy or language can pick the system up in no time.


What issues do you have in your business? Could you benefit from any of the above? Get in touch today for a full demonstration send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002.