21st May 2019

Dunn’s of Dublin sign for Season

The month of May seen Dublin based fish processor and supplier Dunns Seafare (Dunns of Dublin) sign up for a Season system.

Dunns of Dublin is Ireland’s oldest fish company which was set up in 1822 and is known for its quality and fresh products. For generations Dunns have produced the finest quality seafood products and their smoked salmon has grace the tables of royalty.  The company had remained in the Dunns family until 2006 when the business was sold to Oceanpath (another Irish family run fish company). Oceanpath has invested heavily in the company in order to continue the long history of innovation and progress which has been attributed to Dunns of Dublin’s long-standing success.

The company have decided to invest in a Season system to centralise critical business processes like traceability, yield analysis, stock control etc all through the one simple to use system. Season will increase Dunn’s efficiency, heighten its accuracy, reduce its paper trail as well as a plethora of other benefits.


Benefits of Season:

Datos has been working with the seafood industry helping companies improve their efficiency and profitability for 28 years with Season software.  It provides a cost-effective solution and provides a seamless constant flow of information to operators throughout the business.


Below are just a few of the benefits Season can do to improve your business:


Dramatically reduces risk and ensures accreditations – Season reduces risk right across businesses. Season’s traceability module works to governing body standards including SALSA, FSA, Bord Bia and more. Customisable to let you trace your products down to very fine margins, product recalls become easily managed and of minimum intrusion. Season clients consistently achieve and maintain accreditations and by removing paper and incorporating trace recording as a part of everyday operations, clients also see gains in accuracy and efficiency.


Give your staff all the tools they need – Most businesses are made up of a multitude of staff with various levels of knowledge each playing a specialised role within day to day processes. By centralising the knowledge of your staff through the one system it ensures that the right people have access to accurate information as and when they need it. Season can be tailored with varying levels of access so staff can stay focused on their role. Season eases the blow in both loss of and gaps in knowledge.



Increase Efficiency & improve accuracy across the board  – Season ensures your customers get the right product, at the right price on time. No more waiting on paper dockets, less time spent entering data, complete stock control as easy as scanning a label, performance reports available at the click of a button, no more spreadsheets plus much more.


Removing Paper  – A common hurdle in most industries however maybe even more so in the wet, fast paced fish sector. Season links your business together in real time. From the Office to the Factory to Online and out on the Road. With live communications in your business there is no need for paper pick notes, van routing sheets, invoices, purchase orders, order books, price books, traceability records, HAACP and many more. By implementing Season, you can get rid of this paper from your business over night. Most clients notice efficiency gains and heightened accuracy by reducing the paper trail.


Yield Analysis –  Key to the industry Season will give operators on the floor a live yield analysis as they weigh and label up product. Set target yields for maximum gain and see exactly what went on with the audit trail recording who done what, where and for how long.


Labelling – Season can cater for ALL of your labelling requirements. From stock labels to retail, shipping and more Season will print your labels the way you want. Add barcodes to your labels to activate scanning in your business allowing the system to update stock, pass trace info, pick products for sales orders and more. When coupled with our Active X printing for fast label production Season is the complete labelling solution.


One System to do it all – Allows businesses to move away from multiple disjointed systems both paper based and digital. Season will cater for, SOP, POP, stock control, Traceability, HACCP, Labelling, EDI, Full accounting system, MTD, Price Management, Van Sales& Delivery, Online Ordering and much more.



These are just some of the benefits Dunns Seafare can expect by implementing Season. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Trevor and the rest of the team at Dunns. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship between our two companies.

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