24th November 2017

Efficiency & Simplicity – Barcode Labelling – the key to simple stock control & traceability


Introduce barcode labelling through Season to your business and get the added benefits of stock control and assist your traceability.

Take one step further and scan in your supplier GS1 labels as goods arrive and capture all the product information into Season instantly.

– Raise a Purchase Order in Season Office and have it displayed instantly on factory floor terminals or tablets for operators to receive in. Speeding up the booking in process.

– Scan your supplier Gs1 labels or produce your own filling in traceability information from your own customisable traceability profile as part of the booking in process. You can also check weigh product to ensure accuracy against the purchase order.

– Using Season Active X Labelling print times are virtually instantaneous.

– Now product is labelled simply scan the barcode into production or into sales orders directly to move stock through the business ensuring accuracy and carrying over traceability information without the need to record on paper.


– Live updates of work in progress, stock etc. give you complete visibility and accuracy as product moves through out your business.

– Sales staff have live stock figures on screen while conducting sales orders eradicating over selling.

– Produce reports at the click of a button to tell the full story.

– Audit trail records who did what and when for full accountability.

Season is the complete business management solution designed specifically for the Food Industry with over 25 years’ experience. To see how you can manage your stocks, traceability, labelling and more in a live capacity through the one user friendly interface get in touch today. Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call to arrange a full demonstration on 028 38 362 002.