24th November 2017

“Faster than ever” the verdict from Keenan Seafood after their upgrade to SQL.


As part of our ongoing development and upgrade program, Datos have rolled out an SQL upgrade to Keenan Seafood’s with dramatic results.

The latest version of our programming language, DataFlex, allows us to directly interact with an SQL database providing huge performance enhancements regarding data retrieval.  As an example, filling a trend analysis grid with one year’s data for all customers took over an hour using the DataFlex embedded database.  Running the same program using SQL filters took seven seconds.

We caught up with Keenan’s Office Manager James Carmichael to see how the upgrade and move to SQL has impacted the business.

“It’s been amazing, since the upgrade, the performance of the system in all areas is now virtually instantaneous, things like printing a label or performing searches.


We would recommend Season to anyone, especially those coming from pen and paper its an incredible tool. The navigation and searching in the system is definitely a one up on Sage as well.

 The new search drop downs are amazingly helpful for staff who don’t know product codes as all they have to do is type in part of the code or description to get a list of everything that applies to. Even just for general navigation finding anything within the system is so easy.”

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