24th November 2017

Formula Management Systems sign for Season

Limerick based animal feed supplier Formula Management Systems have signed up for a Season Office and Factory package. The company was established in March 2006 and represents parent company Glenstal Foods first venture into manufacturing.

Traceability, Stock Control & Labelling the key

FMS process bulk powders into animal feeds and have to adhere to tight regulations.  The manual systems employed were time consuming and tedious, so parent Company Glenstal Foods set about identifying a software package that had a strong pedigree in traceability and overall business management.

Season will run on tablets or static computers and links to scales, bar code scanners and printers.  Its simple and intuitive interface allows the company to collect all the pertinent data and complete multiple operations such as traceability, stock control and labelling in a fraction of time compared to manual records.

Jobs and Recipe’s control the movement of product through the production processes, data is instantly updated and accuracy is ensured through bar code scanning and linking to scales.  All relevant information is displayed to operators and audit trails recording operations ensure accountability.


The finished product is labelled with all mandatory information and bar coded.  Scanning a label against a sales order completes the traceability cycle and confirms the order is ready for shipment, invoices and all required documentation is produced with the click of a button to ensure a fast and speedy dispatch.

Extra Features

Season Office complements the factory floor system and as well as providing full accountancy ledgers a wealth of profit analysis tools are available.  Traceability data is available in a variety of ways including detailed reports, stock movements for each batch of product and batch information on sales invoices etc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Liam, Richard, Pat and the rest of the FMS team for choosing Datos as their systems provider. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship between our two companies.

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