26th June 2017

Gourmet Foods ready for Online Road


This month seen Ballynahinch based Food distributor Gourmet Foods sign up for an upgrade to Season 17 along with implementing Season Online Road. Gourmet Foods have been using Season since 2009 utilising the original Season Road package running on handheld devices.

The company has moved from strength to strength from then and this latest upgrade to version 17 and Online Road will help company owner Gavin McAvoy take the business to the next level.

Upgrade to 17

The upgrade to version 17 will bring a plethora of benefits across the system including better business performance analysis via reporting, more sales tools during SOP, conversion to an SQL data base, customizable visuals, access to the Season knowledgebaseproduct ranking and more. For more info on Season 17 click the highlighted sections above for more details.

Online Road

Van Delivery

Drivers sign on with their unique account and are presented with their route list (delivery drops) for the day. Drivers can view any open deliveries for customers on their route as and when needed. Once the delivery is made it can be signed for on the tablet device and saved against the order. Drivers can then print or email a delivery docket or invoice whilst face to face with the customer.


Van Sales

Season Online Road comes with a robust sales order entry programme built in. Drivers have access to a customers’ order history which speeds up order entry and reduces the risk of errors. Drivers can repeat an entire order with a few simple button presses as well as marking products as “favourites,” for that customer. Online Road will also cater for product returns giving drivers all the easy to use tools they need.

Vehicle Stock Order

Drivers also have the capability of submitting a Vehicle Stock order. Drivers can submit the order and upload it to the office system so staff can begin to load the van sooner. This helps get drivers on the road ensuring their customers get the right product at the right price and on time.


Season Online Road also comes with various reports including end of day, sales, returns and cash. Drivers simply select the date they wish to run a report for and have all the information presented on their tablet device.


Orders can be uploaded back to the Office system via a 4g network however if affected by unreliable network coverage there is a data sync option. This allows drivers to upload all orders and data over any wifi network which in turn updates the office system.

Are you interested in implementing a mobile solution for your van sales and delivery? Get in touch today send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002