20th December 2018

How did you do 2018? If you don’t know the answer to that – With Season you can

As another year draws to an end and another hurtles closer what has your business learnt to ensure 2019 is going to be better? Our clients grow through identifying the exceptions to their business and correcting the faults that stunt growth and profitability. Achieved through accuracy, visibility, accountability & control. Find out how you can install these factors in your business through the one system Season.


How can Season grow my business in 2019?

Season provides you with a multitude of reports and filters that will help pinpoint exact information that is needed to gauge business performance. You can easily identify your best / worst performing customers / products, see who has stopped buying from you, gross margin, trend analysis and many more.

Clients using Season have submitted reports of up to 3% improvements.


Season comes with a multitude of reporting options, some of our clients favourites include:

Gross Margin Report– Reports sales and margin in up to 24 different combinations. Identify customers or producst outside your accepted margin range.  See your credits as a percentage of sales to identify returns.  You won’t go a day without running this one.

Comparative Sales Reports – Compare sales, profits or units over any two date ranges. Focus on lost sales or profits, identify top customers or products and also customers or products performing poorly.  Twelve different combinations (or setup your own analysis) ensure you can pinpoint exactly how well your business is working.

Trend Analysis – Look back over the last 12 months, weeks or days. See customers who have stopped buying.  One button tells all!


Who uses Season to monitor business performance?

RP Meats is a family run market leading wholesaler of poultry, meat and game products. They use Season throughout their business. “We have just seen our daily performance after our first day of live operation on Season, it has already started to make a difference.” Greg Thatcher – RP,Meats.


Mark Cooper, M.D. of Cooper Foods Ltd, “Since we implemented Season in 2014 we found it enabled us to increase our margins by 1.5%”


If you want to see these improvements in your business – Get in touch today for a full demonstration. Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002.