30th April 2018

How your business can complete an extra 4 deliveries a day* – Season Road.


Our average sized Season Road system allows drivers to complete 2-4 extra orders per day resulting in approx. £52k in additional sales per annum.

Season Road users report an average 70% reduction in credits / returns within 6 months of using Season Road.

Average saving on admin staff processing paper dockets is £25 k per annum.

Runs on cost effective Windows tablets allowing you to move away from paper or redundant PDA devices.

Competitive pricing based on your requirements. System is scalable to your business.

Helps identify areas of loss such as over selling, under selling with in a few clicks.

Audit Trial records who done what and when also comes with tailorable levels of access such as who has access to pricing etc.


Repeat orders system automates processing of sales orders and eliminates daily order entry. Resulting in huge time and resource savings.

“Season is very user friendly. The guys on the road are used to using docket books but are seeing benefits from moving to tablets and Season Road. It’s more efficient for them, they can assemble orders, make changes both at home or before they leave the yard. They are definitely saving time.”- Patrick Woods – Operations Manager, Mullaghmore Bakery

For more information talk to the experts today. Get a free demonstration of Season Road Lite send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362002

*based on customer feedback results may vary

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