29th August 2019

Is YOUR Business Prepared for BREXIT?

Brexit is going to have a big impact on most businesses in the UK & Ireland, regardless of the outcome.  Here at Datos, we’re adapting our software to ensure that the transition for our customers is made as easy as possible. We currently are working on developing SAD and CMR documents in Dataflex Reports, in order to help our customers, stay on top of things.


Below is some information on these documents;


Single Administrative Document (SAD) is used for Import and Exports, details your goods and their movement around the world. New security legislation requires advanced information for goods arriving in or leaving the EU. If you supply a SAD with your goods, you’ll be able to meet many of these security requirements. The SAD, which is recognised internationally by customs, can be used by traders in the UK to fulfil customs and duty obligations to HMRC.


The CMR is a consignment note with a standard set of transport and liability conditions, which replaces individual businesses’ terms and conditions.  CMR stands for ‘Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par la Route’. In other words, an international agreement that contains the rights and obligations of parties involved in road transport: the shipper, carrier and addressee. The CMR note confirms that the carrier has received the goods and that a contract of carriage exists between the trader and the carrier.


The information which needs to be covered in the CMR note includes:

  • The date and place at which the CMR note has been completed
  • The name and address of the sender, carrier(s) and consignee (the person to whom the goods are going)
  • A description of the goods and their method of packing – this should be acceptable to both consignor and consignee (however, for security reasons, you do not always want the carrier to be able to identify valuable goods)
  • The weight of the goods
  • Any charges related to the goods, such as customs duties or carriage charges
  • Instructions for customs and any other formalities such as dangerous goods information


We’re also hoping to look into what Government Online Services are out there, that we can integrate with, to make these processes easier!



What we are also working on;


  • At OakPark Foods, we have re-designed their Lidl label to include information that Lidl will require, post-Brexit.
  • At Callan Bacon, we are developing their Delivery Docket EDI to include the pallet numbers, to help Lidl manage their operations.


Want to find out more on how we are preparing for Brexit or Want to speak to someone about your concerns? Get in touch today send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002