20th December 2017

Making “farm to fork,” a reality at Mourne Veg

Mourne Veg have pushed forward with their Season system and now track product from the field its grown, through to processing into finished goods.  The final step in the process is Season Road which is due for implementation early in 2018.

Mourne Veg print a Gs1 barcode label at the point of harvesting using a tablet and mobile printer. This label shows Field Number, Batch number, Weight, Product variety etc.  One label goes on the product container and a copy is printed and filed.  Mourne Veg have implemented an innovative way of managing yields for each field.  They have setup each field is set up as an individual supplier and using the Season Stock Receipts report they can monitor the yield from each field.

The GS1 labels are scanned into Season Factory and Season Jobs manage the conversion from raw material to finished goods, producing yield analysis, traceability data and all necessary labels for finished goods.

The next step of the process is to get despatch at Factory and the Online Road system up and running for deliveries with plans already in place for an early 2018 implementation.

Season has a reputation as an industry leader in regards to traceability. Fully customisable trace profiles allow you to run your trace procedures to your own standards recording what you want when you want. When coupled with our Gs1 labelling systems you can record and maintain traceability in an incredibly efficient manner all whilst aiding your other operations including stock control, processing with yield analysis, labelling etc.

Season is the all in one system that can manage all of your daily processes and is proven to increase efficiency, reduce credits and increase profits. Get in touch today for a full demonstration send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002