30th July 2019

More than an ERP solution

You probably know by now that Season is has been a complete front to back ERP solution for the UK and Irish Food industries for the past 28 years.

Did you know that we offer more than an ERP solution? Yes, on top of Accounts, Traceability, HACCP, Stock Control Labelling, Business Performance reporting and more we can offer even more functionality to control your business through the one simple to use interface.


Season Online Shop

Online Shop removes the need for the answering machine allowing customers to place orders directly onto your system without having to key a single line! Customers can also check their price book or financial statements online via a secure log in. Customise your online ordering platform with your own product images as well as promotional advertising directing your customers to the products you want to sell. With a simple and easy to use interface Season Online Shop is instantly familiar to anyone who has bought anything online breaking language and other communications barriers. Comes in 50 user blocks allowing you to trial and grow your online ordering presence to your customer base. As an online tool Season Online Shop can be accessed from any device phone, tablet or desktop.

Season CRM

CRM is developed for your reps on the Road. Reps can update or open a new account for customers, get real time updates on your reps progress with a device connected to the 4g network, enter promotional prices while with the customer to help win new business or win business back. Coming soon to Season CRM is the sales notes facility allowing reps to key in notes from each visit. Season CRM gives your sales reps all the tools they need to meet and beat their targets

Season Road

The ideal solution for Van Sales and/or delivery. Running on Windows Tablet devices Season Road allows your drivers to move away from paper docket books or expensive redundant handheld devices. Drivers have access to a route list for their deliveries that day, capture signatures and have them emailed and attached to the customer order/invoice, live updates over the 4g network, connect the tablet to a mobile printer and print invoices, credits etc. (with signatures attached) collect receipts, identify returns, built in returns system allows you to process your product returns quickly, produce daily performance reports, full audit trail runs in the background assuring accountability, tailorable levels of access so you control what drivers can and can’t do plus much more.

Making Tax Digital

Season 19 comes with our built in HMRC approved Making Tax Digital solution. Submitting your tax obligations has never been easier. There is no need to key in a single line!

Season Comms Manager

The latest module available in Season 19. Integrate Season Office with your VOIP phone system allows your team to manage all their incoming & outgoing calls through our simple to use interface. With features such as caller id, programmable call logs, direct dial from telesales list and much more Comms Manager lets you remove expensive handsets from desks as calls can be pushed to any Bluetooth enabled device.

We think you’ll agree that Season is more than just an ERP solution, if your business could benefit from any of the above get in touch today! Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk  or give us a call on +4428 38 362 002 for a full demonstration.