29th May 2017

Mourne Veg go live on Season Factory


This month seen Kilkeel based spud specialist’s Mourne Veg go live on Season Factory. The company was established in 2000 and has moved from strength to strength ever since. They implemented an Office system in the second half of 2016 and have added to that base by taking on the Factory.

The company are known for their home grown quality produce and while customers know it’s good company owner Declan Sloane now wants to know more about the products he plants, grows, prepares and sells himself.

Declan knows his way around a Maris Piper what he doesn’t know is the yield of his products as they move through production, the cost of all his product coming into the business, his best / worst performing products and customers and more. With Season Factory working in tandem with the Office system he can expect all that information and more right at his fingertips.

Chatting with Declan after a week with the Factory system he can already see the benefits moving forward.


“We have full traceability right across all our products and the time its saving compared to our old manual processes is great.”

Running on a touch panel PC on the processing floor Season Factory has allowed staff at Mourne Veg to move away from all their manual traceability processes with the ability to recall the information easily whenever required.

Staff are also utilising Season Factory jobs, taking raw product and processing it into finished goods where they can see yields and costings for each product manufactured. The next stage of the process is implementing scanner hardware so they can scan each product into a job eradicating the need to select it from the screen.

We are delighted at what has been achieved thus far at Mourne Veg and are excited to see how the company intend on growing through Season. For more updates keep an eye on our monthly E-Zine!

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