20th May 2019

My fish planning the future with Season.

Season’s recent signing, My Fish, discussed its company’s growth plans in a topical article with Seafood Source.

My Fish was founded in September 2015 by Gary Apps. What started with 14 staff, 4 vans and 1 customer has grown rapidly into 55 staff and 14 vans delivering right across the North West and Lake District. ‘The company’s growth plans have been further boosted through a £250,000 commercial loan that will allow it to purchase its existing premises, invest in additional software and create a further 10 jobs.’

Some of the money will go towards making the business “a bit more smarter”. Central to this initiative is the digitalization of the production process and the creation of more traceable, quality management system. This will also incorporate sales and finance elements and functions to help the company understand where further efficiencies can be made. (Apps, Gary; 2019) – This is where Season comes in. My Fish have signed up for an Office and Factory solution in order to make the business more efficient and accurate all while reducing the paper trail throughout the business. To find out more on how Season can solve stock control, traceability, HACCP, accounting (MTD), EDI, SOP and more click here. 

In the articles, Gary explained how, “we can’t talk about building a business and taking it forward unless we try to evolve; make sure it isn’t stuck in the old ways,”.  “If we are going to bring more youngsters in, then let’s get digital – let’s use things that they are used to day-in-day-out rather than old, archaic equipment and practices.” The company have invested in a Season system to get rid of the hurdles stifling further growth as well as centralising critical business processes like traceability, yield analysis, stock control etc. all through the one simple to use system. My Fish Company can expect massive efficiency gains, heightened accuracy, reduction of the paper trail as well as a wealth of other benefits.


To read more on Gary’s article please click the link below.


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