25th August 2017

New Feature – Audit Trail Analysis


New for Season 17 is our customisable audit fields for Customer, Products and Suppliers in Season Office. Users can now define exactly which changes to which fields they want to track.

In this example we have chosen Customer as our audit file to define. I now want to track any changes to customers address so by selecting the Select Fields to Audit button I can then choose from any of the fields pictured below.

I have selected Add1 as address 1 and confirmed by selecting the save button. You must restart Season in order for the changes to take effect.

You can see from the screenshot above that the standard address for this customer is 25 High Street.

I have now changed the address of the customer to Example 101. Highlighted above.


If I now navigate to the audit tab in customer setup I can see the in the audit log our example changes. I can see the date of the change to address, the old value i.e. what the address was before it was changed and the new value i.e. what it has been changed to. The system also shows the User who made the change, the computer the change was done on and the time the change was made at giving a comprehensive picture behind any amendments. Season is designed to give you complete visibility over all your business operations. Get in touch today for a full demonstration. Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on +4428 38 362 002.