28th March 2019

New Feature – Season Comms Manager

Coming Soon to Season Office is our new Communications Manager. Capable of integrating with VOIP phone systems Season Office can manage all in-coming & out-going calls & direct emailing from Season. When coupled with our CRM features you can easily manage all your business communications through the one, easy to use system.


This new feature allows you to:

Take or make calls from your computer using Season

Access customer details from call recognition

Manage all accounts from incoming calls

Look-up contacts by name or number from customer setup in Season

Create text alerts for customers – (feature still in development)


All achievable with a simple click

Key Benefits:

Comes built in to Season Office

No need for a handset on the desk

Manage all your incoming & outgoing calls

Easy and quick to search customer/supplier details and accounts

Increases efficiency in telesales – access orders/ accounts / pricing all within clicks

One program capable of running all your business communications.

Built in call log

The integration system Datos have in house is compatible with most phone systems and can be adapted to specific requirements.


Interested in the integrated phone feature?

Give us a call today for more information/ demo on +44 28 3836 2002 or send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk