26th June 2017

Product Ranking in Customer Order History

New Feature – Season 17

Another edition another new feature. Season Office is packed to the brim with sales tools and has been helping Sales teams meet and beat their targets all over the UK and Ireland and now operators can add another string to the bow.

Introducing product ranking in Customer Order History. During SOP operators already have access to a customers’ complete order history and can easily repeat and quickly enter an order whilst on the phone to a customer. Now products in the customer’s order history can be sorted by rank i.e. the products most frequently bought will be at the top and the list. The ranking works on a times bought scale over the last 30 orders for that customer.

To have product rank viewable whilst on the order history tab when taking an order right click a grid header and select field chooser.

1- Right click header


2 Select Field Chooser


This is the Field Chooser menu. You can customise your views using this tool in  multiple areas of the system. Simply drag and drop your desired field into the position on the grid you wish for it to appear.


I can now see at a glance that this customer has bought Burgers 113G (4OZ) Box – 5KG from me 17 times over the last 30 orders thus making it the most popular product. You can remove the rank column by dragging it off the grid or by right clicking the header again and selecting Restore Layout.

Product Rank is available is Season version 17 and above. For more information or if you would like a demonstration please get in touch. Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002.