Season Suite


Season Office is the ‘hub’ of your operations that puts you in complete control.

It covers all your daily operations and administration from telesales to balance sheet and is designed to reduce paperwork and provide a seamless, constant flow of information within your business.­

It ensures your customers get the right product, at the correct price and on time.

Most importantly, it puts you in control of your costs and your profits with dozens of key reports to let you analyse your Company’s performance in a real time basis.

Bing Maps integration provides Route Optimization for the most efficient delivery process.

Links to phone systems and built in emailing provide easy communication to customers and suppliers.

1Costing and Profitability

Key business reports focus on profitability, cost management and performance

  • Examine sales gain/losses – who has not purchased this week/month/year
  • Various comparative sales report options to find your top/bottom 10 customers/products/reps
  • Easily export reports into excel
  • Customisable query reports to report on specific customer groups, products etc
  • Report on important KPI’s
  • Cash flow projections and stock received not invoiced reports give high visibility of liquidity

2Sales & Purchase Order Processing

  • Telesales module gives your sales team all the tools they need to meet and beat their targets
  • Product Auto Search, Customer Order History, On Screen Stock.
  • Communicate with Factory Operators in real time, orders are ready for processing / picking as soon as it is submitted
  • Purchase Ordering is fast and simple with features such as repeat order, visibility of last price paid, simple to email to suppliers etc.

3Integrated ledgers

Fully integrated Sales, purchase and nominal ledgers as well as links to  external accounts packages.

  • Sales ledger – age debt reports, automatic cash allocation routine, document communication centre for the automatic emailing of invoices and statements, direct debits
  • Purchase ledger – invoice stock receipts, recommended ordering feature, automatic payment calculations based on due date with BACS and EDI links, supplier payment system to identify which suppliers need paid and when
  • Nominal ledger – automatic ledger updates showing current accounting position, onscreen trial balance with drill down, automatic bank reconciliation
  • Multi-currency and multi company with trading operations available

4Paperless Processing/Production

Control your production area efficiently and with ease

  • Full stock control including multi locational, split boxes and prime/portion stock forecasting
  • Products can be set up as quantity based, weight based or both
  • Split box feature allows product to be sold in multiple configurations
  • Recommended stock ordering system
  • Full audit information of stock movements and operators activity
  • Three levels of traceability offered – simple, detailed or full giving full flexibility
  • Products breakdown with full yield and operator management
  • Recipe management includes ingredients, sub mixes, labour and packaging

5Price management

Manage customer’s prices, costs and supplier prices all in our price book control centre.

  • Price book mapping allows individual customers to be mapped to price books
  • Price calculator allows price to be checked in order entry
  • Promotional price management features along with product/customer discounts
  • Simply set prices based on required margin
  • Simple and global updating of prices
  • Audit trails track price changes to record who did what, when and where for full accountability
  • Setup Price breaks/ Discount breaks


Other benefits and features include:

  • EDI interface – EDI partners include Atlas and Celtrino and web orders via XML files can be imported
  • Complaints management – helps you raise, track and follow a customer complaint with ease. Complaints can be analysed in a variety of ways including customer, product, rep and route. Ability to raise a credit note directly from the complaint
  • Dedicated fish landing application for sales notes monitoring fish landing
  • Multi-currency, multi-company and trading operations available
  • Works on industry standard SQL databases.