26th September 2019

Quality Checking – On its way

As part of our continued development program and to assist our customers with BRC accreditation, Datos are now developing a Quality Control feature which will be added to our Factory software.

When an order is confirmed it normally moves forward to be printed as an invoice or delivery docket, our new QC feature will involve a new, in between, stage.  With QC active the order will not automatically progress to become an invoice or delivery docket, instead it will be held to be QC checked.

The QC operator will be able to perform checks on the products that are on the order, he may, for example be asked to confirm the number of boxes, if everything is packed correctly and all products are within specification.



The QC operator will be able to reject products, or remove boxes on the order that need correcting.  After a product or box is rejected the product will be marked as unconfirmed and the order will move back to the unconfirmed orders stage.

New reports will show the QC checks that have been performed on the order along with the date, time and name of operator.

If required, the QC operator will have to scan box labels to confirm that they have checked all the boxes on the order.

The QC operator will be able to enter text against a product to communicate the reason for rejecting the product.