29th January 2018

Removing spreadsheets from your business in 2018


Reviewing your processes for 2018? Want to make this year the year you take the business to the next level? Some of the most common issues that hinders business growth come in the form of manual maintenance of every day processes. If your business is still reliant on spreadsheet maintenance, paper trails or redundant technology read below and find out how implementing a complete business management package can help you overcome the potential hurdles in your business.


Practical to a point once your business reaches a certain level of commitment with your customers, accreditors etc. maintenance of multiple spreadsheets can become hugely inefficient and a detriment. Have a look below at some of the areas in which spreadsheets are most common and the better solution with Season.


One of the most important aspects of any business in any industry. Without accurate pricing you risk losing money by under selling, losing customers by over selling and more. If you have a diverse product range and regular pricing promotions making changes to your pricing can quickly become a headache.

Season Solution for pricing

Create price books simply and easily and map them to customers. Now when entering an order, the system will default the price for that customer for that product ensuring accuracy and increasing efficiency.

Email a customer’s prices directly from the system in just a click of a button.

Set prices based on your desired profit margin.

Set promotions over any date range and the system will automatically reset the price to the default once the promotion ends.

Stock Control

Recording your stock movements via a spreadsheet can be hugely problematic. In a 24-hour 365-day industry like the Food sector recording the movements of goods in your business from raw materials into finished goods or what products you have on purchase orders to fulfil a sales order can be a time-consuming task for one or multiple members of staff.

Season Solution for Stock Control

Complete visibility of your stock in real time. Easily see what you have in stock in multiple areas of the system. No keying in or manually maintaining your stock figures as product counts in Season are live as they move through the business. Season will also automatically convert raw materials in to finished goods via the Jobs system again ensuring stock levels are 100% accurate. With live stock control Season can go further and offer additional time saving bonuses such as a recommended purchase order based on your set minimum stock levels or submitted sales orders in the system. Simply click a button to have Season create the purchase order for you automatically.



Using spreadsheets for business performance analysis requires complicated management of formulas and to present information in different formats can be heavily time consuming. As spreadsheets are not live or linked to any actual process they only capture a particular time frame of how your business is performing and results become outdated quickly. As a result, if you want to keep your performance analysis in sync with how your business is doing in real time arduous manual maintenance of spreadsheets is required, in fact a near impossible task.

Season Solution for Reporting

Season records all of your processes as they are being completed giving you real time visibility of what actually goes on in your business. With a real time, link between your office and factory you can easily view up to date performance analysis in just a few simple clicks. Identify who has stopped buying, your best/worst performing customers/products, comparative sales with customisable date ranges, Trend Analysis with one click graphing, Gross Margin analysis and much more.

Traceability and HACCP

If your business is required to maintain Traceability and HACCP records odds are you have a significant amount of space, resources and time dedicated to just this one simple process. If you are using paper to record these records you risk losing critical information, losing physical space at your premises, committing considerable time to accurate filing, recalling exact information can be tedious and of course human error when writing the information down. To digitize this information, you then need to key it in to a spreadsheet which creates duplication of effort.

Season Solution for Traceability & HACCP

One time set up required for your traceability. Set up a profile for your traceability in the office and have operators key in the information as an intuitive part of their processes i.e. receiving goods in, production etc. You choose exactly what you want to trace. If you are using Gs1 labels to book goods in have any trace information in the barcode automatically populated into Season. Recall information at any time simply within the Office. HACCP follows the same format and gives you the same efficiency benefits.

These are just some of the benefits of how Season can instantly improve your business vs spreadsheet and manual maintenance. To find out more about all the benefits Season can offer get in touch today for a full demonstration send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362002.