24th November 2017

Season 17.2 Out Now!


November marks the release of Season version 17.2. Sites across the UK and Ireland are already signing up and here are some of the latest features to benefit from.

Telesales re-written and mods to SOP

Simpler, faster, customisable. See status of orders in the system, suspend an order, have KPI information on screen such as sales targets, minimum order value etc. Tailor information by simply dragging and dropping on and off screen, rank products by popularity on order history screen and much more.

New File Audit Options

Track who changed what and when. Choose what fields for customers, suppliers & products to track e.g. addresses, credit status etc. Gives complete visibility within your business and when coupled with our tailorable user access levels is the most secure version of Season to date.

New Production Analysis Grid

See what you need at the click of a button. See what you need to make/buy to fulfil your sales orders at the click of a button. The new grid drill down programme allows you to work with the information without having to produce a static report. A wealth of filters help pinpoint what you need. Filters include department, product group, order analysis code etc.

Price Control Manager re-written


Manage all your prices simply and efficiently. The new grid format allows you to drill down to the exact information you need. Set promotional prices for a date range, add filters to pin point information fast, drag and drop information you want on screen, complete pricing related tasks quickly and simply such as copy costs, resetting prices, check stock of a product etc. New clean up facility allows you to manage historic pricing data easily.

Enhanced Business Performance Grids

Get even more from Season’s highly recommended reporting options. Gross Margin and Trend Analysis in grid format allow you to drill down to your performance data without the need for producing a static report. Both come with filters that allow you to pinpoint crucial performance information such as see who has stopped buying from you, Best / Worst performing customers/products, show where profit is above/below/ equal to a given percentage, create a graph for visual representation at the click of a button or export the data to play around with it some more again at the click of a button.


The Fastest version of Season yet. With our latest SQL developments, we’ve seen huge improvements to speed and stability.

Season is the complete business management software solution designed specifically for the Food Industry with 25 years of experience and running in 100 plus sites across the UK and Ireland. From telesales to the balance sheet, traceability, stock control, HACCP, EDI, accounts, labelling, van sales and delivery, online shop and more. For a full demonstration get in touch today give us a call on 028 38 362 002 or send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk