29th May 2018

Season 18.1 – Countdown to launch

The Season 18.1 launch is right around the corner and were letting you know some of the latest features included!

Consignment stock and split orders now available

Helps with production planning and other operations. Sales orders can be split if you manufacture batches over multiple days. Operators can split the sales order and have that communicated with your factory floor allowing operators to manufacture products for the order for the day and spread the rest over a period of time. This keeps stocks accurate, reduces paper communications and aids with your production planning.

New Colour Coding for Price Management

Promotions, negative margins, price breaks etc. now identifiable at a glance.

Online Shop Scheduler Improvements

Season will now automatically email order acknowledgements for online orders via our scheduler which runs in the background.

Customisable Financial Accounts Reports

Now you can get the accounts reports in the format you need via Season e.g. Profit & Loss account, balance sheet etc.

Email Branch Statements

Season 18 allows for the emailing of individual branch account statements, previously only head office accounts.

SQL Functionality

Season 18 also include all of our latest SQL developments deliver faster & more stable performance across the system.

This is only a teaser of the some of the features included in our next deployment version Season 18. Season 18 is will be available from June 2018 get in touch today for your free demonstration. Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on +4428 38 362002