27th April 2017

Season for Fruit and Veg – Datos @ The London Produce Show 2017


Following a successful venture in London in 2016 we will be attending the 4th annual London Produce Show on June 8th at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane.

We will once again be showcasing as part of the Invest NI stand alongside various Northern Irish fresh produce businesses such as Mash Direct, Wilson’s Country and Sydney B Scott’s.

LPS marks our first exhibition of the year and we will be live demoing Season 17 for the first time. Running off an SQL database show attendees can expect to see all the latest functionality including the complete Online Suite (Shop, CRM/POS and Road) all running on the latest cost effective hardware. Season is the complete business management system that looks after all of your operations including telesales, SOP, POP, stock control, labelling, intake, production, dispatch, accounts, traceability and much more. For the full run down come see us at the Invest N.I. stand in the mean time we’ve picked out some key features that got businesses excited from last year.

Season in Fruit & Veg

Season Splits : – The splits feature within Season Office allows operators to sell product under the one product code in various quantities all at the point of order entry. This simplifies the process for the sales team, pickers and customers alike. The ability to do this at the point of order entry also ensures stock levels are 100% accurate and reduces the risk of human error.


Pricebook Management : – You have a diverse customer base each with their own set of prices and promotional offers, managing this manually can be quite a headache not to mention the risk of selling product at the wrong price. With Season you can set up individual Pricebooks for each customer account, better yet the system will remember the Pricebook for that customer, simplifying the process for your sales team and ensures your customer get the right product at the right price. In addition the system will also remember your customers order history meaning with just a few simple clicks you can create a repeat order without having to enter a single line and still with the assurance that each individual customer will be getting the price set for them.

Loading Factors : – A simple yet effective feature for your pickers, loaders and ultimately customers. Season allows you to set up a loading factor against a product so that when the product is loaded on to a van or pallet the pick note will produce the products in order of how you would like them picked and loaded. For example your driver is loading his van for the day he has a large order of potatoes they will have to be at the bottom of the van so the rest of the produce stays in optimal condition. By setting a high load factor for potatoes they will appear first on the pick note followed by whatever products you would like loaded after. This allows pickers to optimise their picking increasing efficiency as well as ensuring that your customers get the best produce in the best condition.

Can’t wait until June 8th? Get in touch today for an online demonstration send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362002.