29th May 2018

Season Road hardware review – Tetra Tab Casebook 3

We tested the Tetra Tab Casebook 3 this month with impressive results.


Light and easily transportable the Casebook 3 Windows 10 version also comes with a detachable keyboard to double up as a desktop solution.


The Casebook 3 is IP52 rated and is protected against dust and water ingress thanks to a spill resistant design. The device also benefits from a shock resistant structure ensuring its reliability against any knocks or falls from height. (Drop tested up to 70cm).

The device is rugged without any extra bumpers or protection which can harbor germs and dust.

Tablet with 4G capability

The Casebook 3 comes with a SIM card slot so you can communicate between your Office and Vans in real time.

Competitive pricing

Typically ruggedized Windows tablets with 4g capabilities command a higher price point however the Tetra Tab Casebook 3 comes in well below the average pricing range (from £240 – £500).


An overall impressive device that’s specifications are perfect for Season Road. When coupled with such a competitive price point its hard not to consider this device with a Season Road package.

Want to order a Tetra Tab? Follow this link to learn more.