25th October 2017

Season Solves – Season vs The Pen

Order Entry:

Product Auto Search
Just like Google search, key in part of description to find product, no codes required and you can key in the order while on the phone.
Full Order History
Remembers exactly what the customer ordered ensuring accuracy and identifies products your customer has stopped buying.
Product Specifications
Remembers specs avoiding duplication ensures accuracy and helps reduce credits.
Splits Products
Easily sell a unit from a case or batch adjusts stocks and pricing automatically aiding accuracy and efficiency. Eradicates the need for multiple product codes.
Stock Forecasting
Takes into account all products on sales and purchase orders. Puts an end to over selling.
No Duplication for order entry
By entering an order once you can complete multiple processes efficiently.

Key Benefits  for order entry in Season

Automatically adjusts stocks – no manual recording needed increasing efficiency.

Automatically prices each order or adjust the price during order entry – no manual calculations needed increasing efficiency.

Communicated instantly with Factory Floor staff – no waiting on paper pick notes.

Creates invoice automatically from entered order. No duplication can be printed or emailed directly to customer / supplier.

Audit trail runs in background recording who did what and when.

Proven to reduce credits – “Season has reduced our credits by 75%”- John Gardiner, MN, J&M Provisions.

Communicated instantly with Factory Floor increasing efficiency and reducing paper trail dramatically.

Puts an end to overselling with stock forecasting.

Ends duplication of order entry increasing efficiency.