24th November 2017

Season Solves vs manual pricing & reliance on key staff

If your selling your managing prices, see how Season can make price management  fast and simple versus manual process and reliance on key members of staff.

Price Management:
Price Books: Create your own Price Books and map to customers – Ensures each customer gets their correct prices, no more searching through paper price books.
Set price based on margins:  Easily adjust prices based on your desired profit margin- No manual calculations required ensuring accuracy and increasing efficiency.
Promotional Pricing: Put product  on promotion from a date to date – No need to remember promotions, Season will automatically adjust price back after promotion ends.
Adjust pricing at order entry: Change prices whilst taking an order –  Profitability on each product viewable on screen.
Complete visibility: Takes responsibility of key members of staff ensuring you can work on even if they can’t.
Key Benefits of Season with Price Management:
Ensures all prices 100% accurate for each customer.
Easy adjusting of prices helps sales staff make effective decisions.
No more searching through price folders.
Season remembers even when you don’t.
Tailor access levels so only verified staff can amend prices.
Audit trail records any changes made.
Takes responsibility from key staff members so you can work on when they can’t.
Increases accuracy and efficiency – no manual calculations or searching though paper records.
Easily manage pricing promotions.
Change prices at order entry aiding your sales staff.
Map price books to customers or groups ensuring the right customer gets the right price.