26th July 2018

Season’s a real catch for the fish industry

“We believe that by using Season, we are faster, better and quicker than we were before. We have a highly accurate and reliable system.” – Brian McCullagh, General Manager, Morgan’s Fine Fish

DATOS has been in the seafood industry for over 26 years now, working alongside leading businesses in the UK & Ireland has led to many of the innovations within Season. Below are a few of the ways in which Season can benefit your business.

Key features that benefit the Fish Industry

Live Stock Control with Prime Portion Control

– Season makes stock control simple. With a Season Office and Factory system in place, you can automate your stock control as Season will count a product as its booked in, processed and sold. View your live stock levels in the system where it makes sense with the knowledge that what’s on screen is exactly what your business has at that moment. Comes with additional features such a minimum reorder levels, stock check facility and more. Prime Portion Control goes one step further. Unique to Season this feature was designed in partnership with leading UK Fish processor Seafood Holdings. After booking in stock Season will calculate what fillets/portions are available from which whole fish ensuring your stock is 100% accurate and eradicating overselling errors.

Traceability & HACCP

– Season has a proven reputation as a leading traceability system. We simplify and ensure our client’s accreditations by incorporating trace recording as part of your operators everyday processes. Removes the need for paper-based trace recording and increases accuracy. HACCP follows the same format and gives the same benefits.


– Season can cater for ALL of your labelling requirements. From stock labels to retail, shipping and more Season will print your labels the way you want. Add barcodes to your labels to activate scanning in your business allowing the system to update stock, pass trace info, pick products for sales orders and more. When coupled with our Active X printing for fast label production Season is the complete labelling solution.

Processing with on-screen yield analysis

–Link Season Factory to your scales and streamline your processing. Operators will have accurate yield information on-screen as they work. Ensuring you get the most out of your products.

Fish Landing System (Sales Notes)

– The Season Fish Landing System covers all of the operations associated with trading with vessels and manages it in one simple package.

– Season can record all incoming products and create a Purchase Order for them allowing you to attach charges like duties and Levy’s, all incoming stock is fully costed you can then go on to create an invoice from the order in just a few clicks.

– Run various reports on all vessel bought stock allowing you to view details like landing and vessel charges aiding business forecasting.

– The system will also record ship log sheets for accountability keeping you compliant with governing body regulations.

– Customers can also benefit from our upload tool. This allows businesses to automatically populate the FSAI web service without having to enter a single line of information making huge time and cost savings!

Customer Specific Product Specifications

– Specifications are communicated instantly to your Factory operators and can be displayed on screen whilst creating the order or via pick notes. This live, instant communication ensures no information is lost and can be traced for full accountability.

– Season Office lets your sales team enter product specifications at the point of order entry meaning they can cater to your customer’s requests

Online Ordering with Season Online Shop

– Deal with Online orders? Season Online Shop allows your customer to input their own specifications which will automatically populate your Season system putting an end to backdoor disputes! Become a leader in customer satisfaction with Season.

– Promote your fresh stock with promo price advertising which customers can see in a prime position when they log into their shop account.

Helping to expand your business

By implementing Season, Kish Fish has reaped the benefits of the success that comes with our solution, with the acquisition of a new premise, they are able to expand their business, with plans to implement another Season system to replicate the success the company has experienced with their current system. We spoke with Vladimir Riazaonov the company production manager on what the objectives are for the new system at the new site “We really want to repeat the success we’ve had here. We have full control of everything, stocks, pricing, sales, costs, traceability our margins everything.”

The above features are only a fraction of what Season can offer your business today. To find out more get in touch send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on +4428 38 362 002.