28th April 2017

“Service second to none,” for Mullaghmore Bakery

This month we caught up with Mullaghmore Bakery Operations Manager Patrick Woods to find out how their Season project is coming along and his experiences with Datos thus far. Mullaghmore Bakery are implementing the Season Office and Online Road system.

At this early stage have you experienced any benefits using Season in the Office?

“Moving forward we will get a better handle on credit control using the stats we get from Season. We are already getting a better reading on our production figures and we aim to in turn streamline our product range. All in all we have more control and our efficiency is increasing, we expect to see huge benefits further down the line.”

How have your delivery team taken to using Season Online Road on tablet hardware

“Season is very user friendly. The guys on the road are used to using docket books but are seeing benefits from moving to tablets and Online Road. It’s more efficient for them, they can assemble orders, make changes both at home or before they leave the yard. They are definitely saving time.”


How has working with Datos been throughout the project and how would you rate us out of 10 on installation, training and support?

Installation 10, Training 10, Support 10

“Something that is very important to me personally and to us as a company is the after sales service and to be honest with you it’s been absolutely excellent. We’ve been on numerous times a day, every day of the week and we get the exact same attitude as if it was the first time we called. It’s never a case of this can’t be done or that can’t be done. Matthew (our engineer) has been excellent and very easy to work with. Stephen (developer) has also been great and worked with us to adapt the software to our industry needs. In general the aftersales service has been second to none.”

Here at Datos we are very excited for the future of Mullaghmore Bakery as they continue to innovate and grow their business. We would like to take this opportunity to thank John, Patrick and the rest of the Mullaghmore team.

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