29th November 2019

Smashing Printers!

Recently one of our customers upgraded their hardware and ran into problems.

They moved from Windows 7 machines to Windows 10 and expected their existing dot matrix printers to simply work.  A reasonable expectation.

However, in today’s world things are not that simple, no matter what anyone did, the dot matrix printers refused to print properly.

The result was, the customer has to keep an old machine working simply to get invoices/delivery dockets to print in the proper format.

The problem is that dot matrix printers are seen to be obsolete, in today’s modern world you are supposed to use A4 paper for invoices/delivery dockets.

Better still, use tablet’s to get POD’s, email copy invoices to customers with signatures etc.

Have a look at Season POD’s

Season POD’s provide an easy way for drivers to use tablets to manage their deliveries, get signatures and receive payments etc.

Instead of printing invoices/delivery dockets the route is exported to a tablet.

The driver takes the tablet and perhaps a single A4 copy of the invoice.

He gets the customer to sign the tablet and perhaps he leaves the A4 invoice with him, or he can email a copy invoice to the customer with signature.

The signature is sent back and kept with the original, if you ever need to send a POD simply email the invoice with the signature on it, direct from Season.

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