24th February 2017

Time or Money? Why not both

Season is the proven solution to increase both efficiency and profitability running in hundreds of sites across the UK and Ireland Season continues to grow and bring business forward. No longer do you have to choose between your time or money.

Key time and money saving features

– SOP is instant and gives sales staff access to customer order history, repeat orders, credit control information, advanced search for products, easy price adjustment and more.

– Work with your supplier’s labels. Season will allow you to scan in supplier labels at intake and work with them throughout the business with all weight, quantity and trace info in the barcode will carry through. No more relabelling and faster processing times on the factory floor

– Online Shop gives your customers even more ways to order from you with orders appearing instantly in your Office system ready for confirmation

– Full mobile usability allows for Factory operators to receive, pick, produce and complete all tasks on the move, removing the need for printed pick notes and eradicating bottlenecks of productivity

– Real time communications between the Office and Factory allows business to operate at a constant pace. Operators can confirm purchases as they arrive at your door, no need for waiting on physical dockets being passed around departments, full visibility means you can check the status of an order going through your business as well as a full audit trail to see who did what and when.

– Season ensures your customers get the right product at the right price on time.

 Gavin McAvoy, Manager, Gourmet Foods

“What used to take several hours, now takes a few minutes, amazing!”

Chris Parker, IT Manager, Vin Sullivan

“Over the last four years we have increased our turnover by 25%”

 Damian – Intake Manager at Heaney Meats on Season Unique labels

“We save 3 hours a day as previously trace information was entered manually and product was relabelled as it moved through the business now we can complete all these processes with one scan of a pallet, box or product label.”

Mark Cooper, Managing Director, Cooper Foods Ltd

“Since we implemented Season in 2014 we found it enabled us to increase our margins by 1.5%”

For more information on how Season could save your business time and money get in touch today! Send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002