26th May 2017

Tools to Trace – How Season can manage your traceability and save you time and money


Traceability can be a minefield for food suppliers. Laws change at the drop of a hat and consumers continue to pressure businesses into providing the perfect “farm to fork story” without realising the work, time and effort required to trace every product as it moves through a business.

With over 25 years’ experience in the UK and Irish Food Industries, Season comes fully equipped with all the tools you need to ensure your traceability standards.

Simple Trace in Season

– If you only need to provide basic trace record you can do so through Season’s simple Trace options.

– Operators can assign a batch to purchases so they can be tracked in the system with the code given

– The products within the assigned batch are easily recallable in the system by running the simple trace report

Complete Trace

– Season lets businesses record whatever traceability information they require through our Traceability profiles

– Set up the profile in the Office and have the Factory Floor record it as product comes in, is processed etc.

– Using Season Factory trace info is easily input and done so through touch compatible devices like touchscreen terminals or tablets. This ensures accuracy and ease of use.


– Trace inputs for similar products can be copied and re – entered in a simple button press

– Information is easily re-callable as are a multitude of reports and labels.

The Best Solution – GS1 and the end of relabelling

An industry first, Season has the capability to use your suppliers’ labels, read them into the system and populate your trace info from the information stored in the label barcode.

– If you get a pallet label you can scan this and Season will record all the trace information no matter how many batches are on the pallet. This removes the need to scan each individual box

– You can also scan box labels if you wish, this can be beneficial depending on how you batch and physically stock your products either way the choice is yours.

– Removes the need to re label product as it comes into the business.

– Increases accuracy by reducing input errors

– Huge savings on time, Heaney Meats expect to save in the region of €200k over the next five years using Season GS1 unique labelling – “We save 3 hours a day as previously trace information was entered manually and product was relabelled as it moved through the business now we can complete all these processes with one scan of a pallet, box or product label.”

Since the achievements at Heaney Meats various Season sites want in on the act, with the prospect of huge time and financial savings. If you think your business could benefit from any of the features listed above get in touch today for an online demonstration send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk