29th August 2019

Upgrades & SQL makes Season run up to”1000x faster- (reports from our users)

We’ve had a number of upgrades to Season 19 over the past 8 months.  Some of the customers that have upgraded are; Kish fish, Flesk Meats, CMB Foods, Ochil Foods, Farmlay Eggs, Fresco Foods, George Campbell & Sons and more!  These companies can expect to benefit from a multitude of benefits from the latest version including the migration to SQL which will improve stability and overall speed of the system.

We have put a lot of development into using the speed of a SQL engine and its paying off.

Comments such as these are nice to hear:

“I just thought that I would need to express my pleasant surprise with the speed of SQL It is brilliant!

“I was expecting a speed increase on the analysis reports but I didn’t expect it that it would be so fast.

“Things that were taking hours are now taking tens of seconds!”

We will be continuing our development program and hope to release a version of Season which is compatible with “My SQL” in the near future.  The “My SQL Community Edition” is a free SQL engine, so we are excited about that.


Some features of the latest version of Season are as following;


  • Comms Manager – Season has been developed to integrate with a VOIP phone system. Easily manage all of your incoming & out-going calls & direct emails from Season. With added features such as call recording, call logs, customisable contact lists, direct dial from Season, smart contact search and more. The phone integration is very flexible and can be adapted to specific requirements. For more details click here
  • Making Tax Digital – Season has been approved by HMRC as an official supplier of compatible Making Tax Digital software, following a successful demo this week. Our Digital VAT program will be available for all users with Season 19.
  • New Security Criteria added to Season Factory – Tailor operators’ level of access even further of before giving you back complete control.
  • Re-Open closed jobs on the Factory floor and make the changes you need – Allows you to rectify any possible mistakes that were made, or allows operators to quickly begin working on one-off orders, add on orders etc. all while maintaining the traceability chain, yield performance, HACCP & Stock levels etc.
  • New Stock Batch Search – We’ve added new searching options for finding both current and legacy batches of stock that have been through the system
  • Customer Receipts Import Tool – Import your receipt allocations into Season and have them automatically allocated on the correct account.
  • Nutritional Labelling Developments – Allows businesses who must print nutritional values on labels to easily set up templates and manage all of their labelling requirements.
  • Financial Reports Creator – Easily create your own profit & loss account, balance sheet etc.


Plus, much much more!


Think you could benefit from any of the above? Get in touch today send an enquiry to sales@datos.co.uk or give us a call on 028 38 362 002 for your full free demonstration.