25th January 2019

What can software do for your business? – Season at a glance

Season Office

Season is the complete business management solution designed for the food industry with 27 years of innovation. We know there is a lot to running a business does your system have the capabilities to run it all? Use our solution checker below for an overview of what Season can offer your business and compare it your own.

Full Accounting Ledgers



Purchase, Sales and Nominal Ledgers come built in. Also have access to a ledger link if you wish to keep your current accounting package


Sales Order Processing


Complete SOP with advanced tools to help meet and beat targets including customer order history, fast product auto search, performance and credit analysis on screen, order suspend and more


Purchase Order Processing


Complete PO’s quickly and accurately with access to order history, last price paid, email purchase to supplier and more


Business Intelligence Reporting and Profitability Analysis


See who has stopped buying from you, best/worst performing customers/products, sales comparisons, Gross Margin and more


Customer Relationship Management w/ dedicated complaints module


Manage complaints, prospects, current accounts through the one simple interface, audit trail gives complete visibility seeing who did what and when.




Complete call list on screen, fast order entry to take orders whilst on the phone, gives sales teams all they need to meet and beat targets




Full EDI module for payments, purchases and orders. Some of whom we work with SEPA, Atlas, Celtrino Tesco, ALDI, Lidl, Iceland etc


Live Communication with Factory Floor


No waiting on paper coming from the office. As soon as an order is taken it is available immediately


Work with Weights & Quantities


Work with Weights, Quantities or Both. Split products without a new prod code and sell individual units from a batch priced and stocked accurately and simply

Price Book Management



Keep all your pricing 100% accurate and easily manage changes. Put products on promotion, map customers to their own price books and more






Season Factory

Runs on touch panel PC’s or mobile Tablets for full flexibility. Eliminates paperwork and increases efficiency all whilst being simple to use and robust. Get your vans out quicker whilst managing traceability HACCP and more. Can be linked to scales for catch weights and can produce labels with or without barcodes for managing stock simply.

Full Traceability

Manage your traceability process simply and efficiently. Meets all accreditation standards and full reports available immediately in just a few clicks


Manage HACCP process simply and efficiently no need for paper recording and all recallable in just a few clicks

Goods In

Book stock in as it arrives at the door with expected deliveries available on screen. If your supplier uses GS1 labels scan them in without having to relabel

Stock Control & Forecasting

Full stock control, track all your products no matter their status throughout your business. Status updates to stock available immediately in the office for sales staff ensuring you never over or under sell.

Fast Labelling





Produce all varieties of labels including stock, retail, allergen etc. Labels print exceptionally fast and can include a barcode so operators simply have to scan a product onto a sales order or into production. You can also scan your labels to conduct a stock take again increasing accuracy and efficiency



Production & Jobs

Convert product from one to another using Season Jobs. Yields available on screen. All tracked and traced.


Recipe Management





Use multiple products and ingredients to produce to a specific batch size. Recipes will recalculate ingredients to use if you over or under weigh keeping your finished products consistent.



Scale Integration


Works with or without scales. We can work with the majority of scale manufacturers to save on any further investments



Audit Trail and Operator Activity Analysis



The Audit trail record who did what and when. Comes with Operator Activity Analysis to provide you with full visibility







Get your product out the door sooner by simply scanning a label.