28th February 2020

What’s New with Season – Knowledge is Key

With almost 30 years worth of knowledge within Food Industry Software, Datos has released its much anticipated Season 20 with exciting new Modules & Features

Giving new meaning to all your needs in one software package

  • MySql will be the new preferred database solution (which is free)
  • Quality Control has been added to the Factory system
  • The new Route Planner module gives you complete control of your vehicle loading, including manifest info, overloading warnings etc
  • New Marketing feature with emailing marketing info and price books
  • New “Super Pick Note” order confirmation method
  • “Just in Time” stock management control

Above are only a few tasters of features that will be available

Season 20


Merging your entire processes into one eliminates the need for various expensive software packages & support fees.

Save on overall costs & time throughout your company with Real Time Data

Greater knowledge of every process within your company

Reduces paperwork

Creates a faster & more satisfactory customer experience

Speeds up production

Accurate delivery processes

Generates precise company reports

For more information on how Season would effectively enhance your food company – Request a Demo today