Our business goal is to develop software that is intuitive, easy to operate for the user and  provides all the necessary information to make a business easier to run.

Based in Portadown, Co Armagh, Datos Professional Solutions Ltd began full time operations in December 1991 with the intention of providing software that went beyond the confines of standard software packages. We worked for several years from rented accommodation and in June 2005 acquired our own premises (Datos House) with purpose built demonstration facilities and training areas. Our demonstration room is equipped with a variety of touch panel terminals linked to scales along with wireless networked PDA’s and Mobile Phones linked via GPRS.

Our business goal was to develop software that was intuitive, easy to operate for the user and to provide all the necessary information to make a business easier to run. We named our first package COMiT (Complete Information Technology) and it quickly became an indispensable tool for our customers.

It became clear to us that although COMiT was still a great success and providing a vital solution for many businesses, technology was advancing rapidly and Datos were determined to be part of that. We began the process of moving COMiT into the world of Windows and after many months of research and hard work by our dedicated staff, our new package Season was born.

Season takes all the best features of COMiT and moves them to a new level of ease of use and functionality, it is fair to say that we are immensely proud of what Season has to offer, our goal was to make Season the market leader in its field. Season was released at Foodex Meatex in April 2008, and received fantastic feedback from industry experts. Season has been proven to increase efficiency and help monitor costs, thus increasing profits and improving customer satisfaction.

The Season range of software has since expanded and we can now offer solutions not only in your Office but in the Factory and for your Mobile Workforce as well.

Season will always continue to develop as we work with our customers, move into different market sectors and technology advances. We are determined that the future of Season will continue to be a success and that we can help provide the ultimate IT Solution for companies throughout UK, Ireland, USA and beyond.