Callan Bacon

Callan Bacon are a Pork and Bacon Processing company based in Callan, Ireland. They currently use Season Office, Factory and Mobile Factory to run their business.

A short video produced in 2008 showing Season running in their company can be found below.

Callan Bacon Ltd is a medium sized pork and bacon processor operating from a purpose built 20,000 square feet bacon processing facility on a 5 acre site in Callan, Co. Kilkenny.

They currently have 60 employees on a double shift basis and operate under the management of MD John Walsh. At present they are experiencing significant growth in markets throughout Ireland and the UK.

Their product range includes the boning of pork and un-smoked bacon joints to primal specification and the preparation of un-smoked bacon joints to retail specifications. Product development is continuing with a new healthy option range of flavoured pork products and oven ready convenience products.

Callan is known across Ireland as a growth focused company, to continue this success the company recognised that they needed new technology to help with the demands of their day to day business operations.

After a detailed evaluation of options from various suppliers, Callan Bacon decided to award Datos the contract for the project. One of the main reasons for this was the wealth of experience Datos have in producing business solutions for the food sector and the strength of their software which is now in operation in over 100 companies throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Geraldine and her team drew up a list of key objectives for the project:

– A fully integrated software and hardware solution from the office to the factory.
– Increased efficiency and reduced paperwork.
– Accurate, up to date information at all times.
– Traceability; with a paperless audit trail.
– Improved Labelling; in keeping with the stringent labelling legislation now in place across Europe.
– Significantly improved business management information including accurate costing’s and profitability reports.
– Integrated accounting ledgers with EDI interface ability.

The project was perfect for Datos’ new products division which was founded in October 2006; this new division was created to meet the demands of the market place for integrated scales and mobile hand held technology that are tied into a sophisticated business software solution.

Datos supplied 3 Vantage OCM scales with ST314 industrial bar code printers and wireless scanners, manufactured by DataProcess Stevens based in Blackburn. One Vantage was allocated to goods inwards attached to a platform scale and two allocated to production. One of these terminals is operating in dual mode with the Vantage handling both a bench and platform scale.

Two wireless enabled, Symbol MC70 rugged PDA’s with integrated scanners were also installed for production and dispatch.

The first stage of the process was to convert Callan Bacon systems to Season which was quite easy. Within a few weeks, Callan were benefiting from the smooth efficient way the software worked and enjoying the extensive sales analysis and fully integrated accounting ledgers.

The second stage began a few weeks later with equipment arriving from DataProcess Stevens. The engineers from both companies worked closely on the project and within a few days, systems were operational and ready for testing.

The traceability chain starts as soon as each consignment of meat is booked in and checked against the relevant purchase order on the system. At this stage consignments are issued with a batch number and bar coded labels which contain all relevant traceability data. The DataProcess Stevens label design software allows the creation of different label formats to create either customer specific labels or Callan specific production information.

The production process simply involves scanning products to be used in production and then weighing and labelling products produced. Labels can be printed per product, per box or per pallet.

All data is sent back to Season for stock control, yield analysis, product costing and of course traceability.

Dispatch operators scan product, box or pallet labels against the appropriate sales orders using their Symbol MC70 PDA scanners for a highly efficient and paperless process.

The entire project was completed in a matter of months and everyone is delighted with the results. Now Callan can enjoy the fruits of their labours and benefit from the smooth efficient way their business is being operated. Saying that, they are keen to extend their systems by adding more handhelds and terminals. Both Callan and Datos are always looking for ways to move forwards and to use the most up to date technologies available with the possibility of implementing an RFID solution in the future.