17th March 2020

Datos & COVID 19

A message from our Managing Director:


Everyone will now be aware of the potential impact of COVID 19 on a business and the planning that is necessary for things to be as “Normal as possible”.

As of the 17th March 2020, (St Patricks day) in line with Government guidance, all staff from Datos will be working from home.

We will review this in two weeks’ time  and our potential return to work date will be 1st April 2020.

We are fortunate in that we can support our customers from our homes, we simply need internet connectivity and a reasonable communication network.

For support during normal working hours, please email support@datos.co.uk with your issue and phone number, we will be monitoring this email account and a member of our team will contact you.

For support out of hours you should ring the office, the current out of hours support arrangements are that the person with a problem leaves a message on our answer machine along with their phone number.  Our phone system then emails Support Engineers with the recorded message and phones those Engineers (in a prearranged order) until the call is accepted, at that point the Engineer who has accepted it contacts the customer.

Installations, upgrades etc. will continue as normal or changed by agreement with the customer.

Key members of Datos staff will have daily conference calls to keep communication effective and our development team will continue on projects assigned to them.

Hopefully, we will all be past this problem very soon.

Kindest regards


David E. McKane ACMA CGMA

Managing Director