Bakery Industry

Season has been running in bakeries since 2010 ensuring your customers get the right product at the right price on time. A cost effective solution that reduces paper flow, increases efficiency and provides a seamless flow of information throughout your business in real time.

Popular Features include

*Recipe Management – Create your own recipes and have them fully costed from ingredients to labour and packaging. Shows operators exactly what ingredients to use and how much of it ensuring your products are consistently of the highest quality.

*Accurate Labelling – Produce all your labels through Season. Using touch screen terminals or tablets with standard label printers you can say goodbye to dedicated “label factories” taking up space in your production areas. Produce any variety of labels you need from standard stock labels to retail labels with allergen and preparation notes. Labels are produced incredibly fast using our Active X printing tools.

*Van Sales & Returns – Drivers can conduct van sales, produce dockets like invoices and statements, capture signatures, manage vehicle stock, take returns and much more. Comes with an audit trail for complete visibility and can communicate with the office in real time. All running on inexpensive mobile tablets.

*Advanced SOP – Sales Order processing comes with a plethora of tools to help your sales team meet and beat their targets. Order history, favourite products, customer product ranking, advanced product search tools, suspend order functionality, credit control info available on screen, set on screen sales targets and much more

*In Depth Reporting – Comes with a multitude of key business reports with added filtering options to let you pinpoint information such as top/bottom performing customers/products, see who has stopped buying from you, Gross margin analysis, Trend Analysis, Comparative reports and more

*EDI – Using our EDI partners such as Atlas or Celtrino Season can receive and send orders via EDI eradicating the need for keying in a single line and critical when dealing with the blue chip grocery chain stores.

*Full traceability and HACCP Management – Fully customisable, makes accreditation easy.

Season clients in the Bakery industry

French Village Bakery – Belfast – Northern Ireland

Mullaghmore Bakery – Omagh – Northern Ireland

Daniel Doherty Bakery – Donegal – Ireland

Cherrytree Bakery – Lisnaskea – Northern Ireland

Kitchen Bakes – Portadown – Northern Ireland