Food Service

Food Service Industry

Season has been running in the wholesale/food service industry for over 20 years. Developed a long side some of the industries leading business we have a proven track record for improving effeciencies and increasing profits.

Popular Features include

– Manage your purchases – Create a recommended order based on current stock levels and products on sales orders without having to key in a single line.

– Email purchase orders directly to your suppliers with just a few clicks

– Manage all your invoices and statements. Can be emailed directly to your customers.

– Telesales module has features like full customer order history which can be used to create speedy repeat orders. Credit Control Bulletins whilst entering orders, ability to add specifications to products and orders as well as delivery notes and much more.

– Online Ordering via Season Online Shop. Allows your customers to submit orders directly onto your system from their phone, tablet or desktop. Customise their order experience with your own product images and special offers.

– Reports let you see who has stopped buying from you, best and worst performing products and customers, sales reps performance, trend analysis, sales comparisons and more.

–Full accountancy system built in or export data to an external package

– Work with your suppliers’ labels – using GS1 barcodes scan the product, box or pallet into stock upon reciept, pickers can scan the same label again to pick it for an order carrying across information like quantity and weights.

– Options for the warehouse – Using tablets or touch screen terminals the need for paper pick notes is eradicated. Users can see who is working on what order, scan or produce labels, confirm order picking instantly by scanning a label and have the information communicated instantly with the office.

– Produce pick notes should you wish to continue working this way. Choose how you want pick note information presented by customer, product, delivery route etc.

– Stock Control – This module ensures your stocks are 100% accurate and comes with a stock check facility.

– Season Splits – Sell a single product from an overall case all whilst keeping stock levels and pricing accurate.– Have orders loaded onto vehicles in an order that works. Load by delivery route, weight, driver etc.

– Full route list available on screen with all drops for the day

– Have drivers capture signatures on tablets.

– Drivers can produce dockets, email invoices, produce reports and more


Season clients in the Food Service Industry

J & M Provisions – Gloucester- England

Thomsons Food Service – Dumfries- Scotland

Gortrush Foodservice – Omagh – Northern Ireland

Fresco Foodservice – Glasgow – Scotland

Kesbury Ltd – Glastonbury – England

Blake Bros Ltd – Dublin – Ireland