29th November 2019

New Route Planning Module at design stage

During a visit to a potential customer an innovative way to plan delivery routes was presented to David and Colin.  The question was asked “Could Datos do this?”  the answer was of course “Yes”.  After this, the planning stage began and within a day a prototype program was developed by Stephen Elliott.  Essentially the new “Route Planner” will take deliveries for a day and spread them across the screen with each route shown separately.  The operator will then be able to reorganize the drops on each route and transfer drops from one route to another.

However, Datos intend to go much further and after consultation with other customers, this is the development targets so far:

  • Develop a Route Management tool that would split up the existing Print Dockets program into the various routes that are on it.  The resulting split would look something like the attached DatosTest screen shot.
  • Allow drops within routes to be re-scheduled by moving them up or down a route.
  • Add “Delivery Windows” to customer setup and routes.
  • Display “Delivery Window” on Route List.
  • Allow drops to be transferred to another route.
  • Allow the default vehicle for a route and its driver to be changed.
  • Allow additional pickups or deliveries to be added e.g. “Pick up rejected product” or “Deliver Cheese”
  • Set parameters for vehicles e.g. maximum number of drops and maximum weight.
  • If a vehicle exceeds its weight or drop limitations warn the operator.
  • Allow delivery dockets/Invoices to be printed from the tool.
  • Allow vehicle route list report to be generated from the planning tool.
  • Allow export of dockets to our POD system for drivers to get customer signatures etc.
  • Allow Entry of Questions to be added to the Route List e.g. Opening/Closing mileage, Start/End run time.
  • Allow Entry of completed Questions against route.

When complete, the “Route Planner” will interact with Season POD tablets to provide real time updates to deliveries as they occur.  This will allow transport and other personnel to monitor deliveries as they happen in real time.  If we achieve our goal of linking in to the vehicles tracking system we will be able to show maps and estimated time to deliver orders.

A very exciting project and we are really looking forward to launching it next year.

Hopefully in time for Foodex.



  • Provide interface with Route Monkey for re-ordering of routes.
  • Update Route planner when order is delivered when using the Season POD system this will provide delivery tracking.  For example:
    • Order Delivered
    • Date/Time Delivered
    • Name of person receiving Order
    • Delivery notes e.g. “Left Next Door”
    • Signature of person receiving order
    • Temperature at time or delivery.
  • If Order is not delivered within Delivery Window flag Order Line
  • Add Hyperlink (or look at API) to link to third party tracking system to show where vehicle is on Google Maps.
  • Filter Planner to show Active Routes (Orders to be delivered) or Completed Routes (All orders delivered)
  • Counters in header to show:
    • Total Vehicles on Active/Completed routes
    • Total Orders on Active/Completed routes
    • Orders in transit outside of Delivery Window
  • Develop reports to monitor Delivery Efficiency